Machine Translation

Your dream is to translate more content so users have the info they deserve.  Have speedy turnaround times to publish content at its moment of relevance. Accelerate your entry into new markets.

Ready to make this a reality? It’s time to bring us in.

Machine Translation (MT) could help you meet these goals.

Whether you need MT for instant chats, to handle a large volume of user assistance content, or as an ongoing program to handle different types of materials or target languages—no two MT solutions are alike.

Moravia believes that every established localization program could benefit from MT. It can increase productivity. It can complement and empower human effort. It can be successfully applied to many types of content. However, MT should never be deployed in a vacuum—we look at the entire program and figure out how, where, and when it makes the strongest impact.

We don't sell MT; we build solutions that include the right usage of MT. We'll craft a customized MT solution for you with best-fit technology, the right level of post-editing, and meaningful quality and productivity data so you can count on constant improvement.

How do we do it?

  • Collaborative evaluation of your objectives and challenges
  • Creation of the best-fit solution based-on content types, languages, available training data, and quality goals
  • Pilot projects to measure value and quality of output
  • Revision of your source to help your content sail through the MT process
  • Use of quality automation throughout the process
  • Advanced measurement tools unique to the market
  • Experienced post-editors
  • A dedicated MT department

If you're ready to provide more and more localized content to your customers, we’re Moravia. We build solutions that make strategic use of Machine Translation for the world's most recognizable brands.

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